Saber Stoke Studio Designs

These are so amazing we are proud to be associated with Saber Stoke Studios to create bespoke items.

Your unique character/ Fursona drawn by the talented “Saber Stoke Studios” , then created into engraved furry ID cards , keyrings and badges by The Little House Of Laser !

Truly unique art work / custom pieces.
(All your Character/ copyright rights remain yours, and are not permitted for any other use but your personal order . )
Fab , Fun, Unique and quirky !!!

Material = 4mm American maple
finished with lacquered mist coat to protect .

Further size options available, Examples of our work show below .

Please email us or [email protected] for a bespoke quote and bring your fursona to life !!

#confuzzled #furryartwork #comiccon #quirkygifts #engravedart
#uniquegifts #furryartist #furries

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